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Berkley Renewables holds 91,812 of the issued and outstanding shares of RepliCel Life Sciences Inc., with the option to acquire more shares. RepliCel Life Sciences specializes in autologous* cell therapy technologies. The company's foundation is built on its core understanding of the unique biological function of hair follicle cells. Patents for the technology have been granted in the United States, Australia, Japan and the European Union with further jurisdictions pending.

The company's RCT-01, RCS-01, and RCH-01 cell therapies are designed to treat chronic tendinosis, damaged or aged skin, and pattern baldness. The company is also developing a proprietary, next-generation injection device (RCI) for optimal clinical delivery. Each condition is related to a deficit of a specific cell type which management believes is critical to the restoration of normal function..

RepliCel's RCH-01 Hair Regeneration treatment is now under clinical investigation at Tokyo Medical University Hospital and Toho University Ohasi Medical Center. The study is being financed by Shiseido Company, Limited.

RepliCel's RCT-01 Phase II Achilles tendinosis and RCS-01 (skin rejuvenation) trials are also in progress. Clinical data for both trials will be analyzed and released in 2017. Positive safety data will allow the company to move forward with phase 2 trials for both products planned for later in 2017. Data pertaining to the products' effects post-injection will inform and guide the company's product development and clinical trial strategy for both tendon repair and skin rejuvenation applications.

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*Using a patient's own cells